Could Embyro Transfer Acupuncture Improve Your IVF success?

“I actually loved my post-transfer acupuncture sessions.  It was important for me emotionally to move from a place of clinical treatment to a more holistic moment, to just breathe and re-centre”.

C. Patient. (used with permission).

What is Embryo transfer acupuncture?

Embryo transfer acupuncture is usually a set of two treatments, one before the transfer and one after, generally done as close to the time of the transfer as possible.  They can be considered as a little ‘fine tuning’.

Getting Sciencey – what have clinical trials shown?

A recent meta-analysis of clinical trials showed that acupuncture significantly improved rates of conception for women undergoing IVF.  It’s been found that adding just one pre and post acupuncture treatment increased success rates by 42%.  That’s huge!

How does it work?

The million dollar question.  Unfortunately, there isn’t a clear answer, in fact I suspect it is very multifactorial. There are some known contributing factors:

  • Effective Physiological Down Regulation

Translation: acupuncture creates relaxation.  When we are stressed our body produces stress factors – hormones and neurotransmitters, which can wreck havoc with our health and impact IVF success rate.  Acupuncture has been shown to work two fold to not only decrease stress hormones (like cortisol and adrenaline) but also to increase the good relaxation hormones and feel good natural opiods, like endorphins, encephalins and serotonin.

  • A Receptive Womb is a Fertile Womb

True.  Uterine contractions after embryo transfer seem to make the uterine lining less receptive to implantation.  One stand out study used acupuncture points to specifically relax the uterus according to TCM theory, aiming to decrease uterine contractions.  In their study of 160 women, they found a pregnancy success rate of 42.5% versus the non-acupuncture control group at 26.3%

Is it scary?  What does a treatment involve?

Not scary.  With the right practitioner you’ll feel lovely and relaxed and warm and safe.  Pre and post transfer acupuncture uses points shown to be successful in clinical trials, and often an additional 3 or 4 points specifically suited to your Chinese medicine diagnosis.

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Let’s reach your fertility potential. Best, Jenna. x


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