Does your Fertility need a BFF?

If your fertility could do with a bit of support and love, it just may need a bestie for guidance, encouragement and a booster.  Chinese medicine and fertility are AMAZING together – and your real life BFF won’t even get jealous…

Chinese medicine can help whatever your approach to conception may be. Natural conception? Donor egg?  ICSI?  IUI? IVF?  There is always a way to help achieve your goals.

Chinese medicine will is all about YOU. You aren’t just a pathology or a condition to Chinese medicine, you are a whole person with your own quirks, concerns and issues – and with Chinese medicine you can know that your treatment is always specific to you no matter what is going on.

Chinese medicine is there for you if you just want better reproductive health. A healthy reproductive system is not just about increasing chances of conceiving a baby. Chinese medicine can help women through horrible PMS, PCOS, endometriosis, PMTD, thrush, irregular periods and a whole raft of other conditions

You will  feel better overall. The aim of Chinese medicine is to bring your body back into homeostasis, meaning that patients who are seeing acupuncturists for fertility often have side effects like improved sleep, decreased PMS and increased energy

You won’t be deserted if you fall pregnant. Clubbing days over?  Your new BFF will stick it out.  It is perfectly safe to receive acupuncture and use Chinese herbal medicine when you’re pregnant and it can be super helpful treating pregnancy related concerns like morning sickness, headaches, insomnia, pain, constipation or mood disorders.

Are you ready?  Let me introduce you!

All the best

Jenna x

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