Hello UNIQUE body with individual needs!  Wondering about supplements for fertility?  You don’t need to take errrrrrrything.  Anything below sound familiar?


Could you have low progesterone?

Symptoms:   Irregular cycles, weight gain, cheek and jawline acne, hormonal migraines, a tendency to feel the cold

ADD:  Vitamin B6.  Vitamin B6 is a fundamental vitamin for the development of the corpus luteam – a dynamic and temporary gland which produces progesterone in the second half of your cycle.

IT’LL ALSO HELP:  Brain function



Could you have high estrogen?

Symptoms:  PMS, swollen breasts or fibrocystic breasts, heavy or irregular menstrual bleeding, tendency to feel warm or have hot flashes

ADD:  Calcium D-glucarate.  It will help your liver process estrogen to reverse estrogen dominance.

IT’LL ALSO HELP:  Decrease the LDL cholesterol (yip, that’s the bad one)


Could you have diminished egg quality?

Signs:  Any woman around or older than 35, or women with a history of recurrent first trimester miscarriage

ADD:  Co-enzyme Q10.  I love this antioxidant and I think everyone trying to conceive should be on it!  A 2015 study showed age associated changes in egg quality are minimised when CoQ10 is at optimal levels.  Women of 4o or older, consider taking your Co-Q10 in ubiquinol form.

IT’LL ALSO HELP:  Slow the aging process of your skin


Could you need more sunshine? 

Symptoms:  Weight gain, low moods, PMS symptoms

ADD: Vitamin D.  Our major source is sunshine, but even here in sunny Australia, more than 30 per cent of adults are deficient.  Vitamin D is involved in development of sex hormones crucial for a healthy reproductive system.  In the IVF world, adequate vitamin D has been been strongly linked to successful IVF outcomes.

IT’LL ALSO HELP:  Your bones and teeth – now and well into old age.


Or do you have PMS with gastro intestinal issues?

Symptoms:  Bloating, cramping, constipation

ADD:  Magnesium.  Can I have more than one favourite?  This mineral is essential for over 300 reactions in our bodies – and we’re getting less than ever. Typically found in green leafy vegetables, our soils are depleted and a result, so are we.

IT’LL ALSO HELP:  SO MUCH MORE – Sleep, energy production, healthy mood stability, act as an anti-inflammatory within the body.

For a more personally tailored approach, find me here in Sydney NSW, or drop me a line.

Jenna x

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